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APIs & Libraries


  • ITL : The Islamic Tools and Libraries (ITL) project provides a fully featured library for performing common Islamic calculations.
  • Pray-Times : an open-source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.


  • ITL-Java : ITL Java is a Java library based on LGPL-licensed ITL (Islamic Tools and Libraries), currently includes prayer times (salat), Hijri date, and qibla direction.
  • iclib-java : Islamic Calculation Library (ICLib) contains calculations for prayer (salat) times, qibla direction, and Hijri conversion
  • Pray-Times : an open-source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.
  • Ummalqura calendar : percise implementation for java.util.calender for Ummalqura Hijri calender which produces result as the official one



  • Django-Quran : Quranic models and helpers for use in Django projects
  • Hijra : Hijri Islamic Calendar utils in python
  • Pray-Times : an open-source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.
  • pyIslam : pyIslam, a Python library to calculate prayer times, hijri date, qiblah direction and more
  • python-quran-odoa : Python library to get random surah within quran including Indonesian/English translation.


  • BAPrayerTimes : BAPrayerTimes is an Objective-C library for calculating Islamic prayer times. It provides a convenient Objective-C interface to the ITL prayer times library, making it easy to correctly calculate prayer times on iOS and OS X.
  • Pray-Times : an open-source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.
  • IslamicDatePicker : IslamicDatePicker iOS Custom View



  • Pray-Times : an open-source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.
  • Prayer Times : .NET portable library written C# to calculate Muslim prayer times ported from


  • Pray-Times: an open-source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.


Mobile Apps

Cross Platform

  • aQuran : A mobile-optimized, cross-platform Quran app built with web technologies.
  • Hadith Encyclopedia cross platform hadith app with coloring for narrators



Prayer time and hijri date

  • Hijri Calendar : Hijri Calendar app for android
  • Muslim Mate : Praying times, Quibla, Mosques and halal restaurant around you, date conversion from Hijri to Gregorian and vice versa.


  • HisnulMuslim : an Android app which include all the dua from Hisnul Muslim.
  • Athkar Kids : an app to encourage children and help them learn and say different athkar(Azkar)
  • Huson Almuslim Android V2 : an Android app which include all the dua from Huson Almuslim.


  • Islamic Library for android : Book reading app for Islamic books based on ( books with unique features in browsing ,reading and searching books -MatnAjrumiyyah : an Android app for Matn Al-Ajurumiyyah.


Windows Phone

  • Quran Phone : Quran Phone is a free, open source Quran application for Windows Phone based on Quran Android project (
  • alfanous-wp: mobile app client for alfanous

Web Apps

Browser Extensions

Desktop Apps

  • Minbar : Minbar is a GNOME Islamic prayer times application on top of libitl
  • Monajat


  • Alfanous : Alfanous (The Lantern - الفانوس ) is an Arabic search engine API provide the simple and advanced search in the Holy Quran , more features and many interfaces…
  • Quran Research Tool
  • IslamicTextAHK : This is an app developed using AutoHotkey scripting to help expand most commonly used Islamic terms while allowing the user to edit the defaults and/or add their own custom expansions.
  • Islamic Dictionary : The Islamic Dictionary database and audio files (from

Development Resources


  • Quran-CSV : This Quran csv files contains all known translations and recitations as well as images and other resources.
  • Quran-Corpus : Quranic Arabic Corpus, an annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran. The corpus provides three levels of analysis: morphological annotation, a syntactic treebank and a semantic ontology.
  • Hadith-islamware : Hadith database from Islam Ware
  • PDF Quran : PDF version for Quran in different languages


  • TV-Quran : Audio resources for Quran by different receiters
  • Quranic Audio : Quranic Audio , your source for high quality recitations of the Quran. All the Quran recitations are in high quality and are free for download and streaming as mp3s.
  • Verse By Verse : provide you with easy and free access to the Quran in MP3 format seperated into individual verse (verse by verse breakdown).
  • prayer-times-adhan : A collection of famous adhan audios is provided.


Web APIs


  • Amiri Font : a classical Arabic typeface in Naskh style for typesetting books and other running text.
  • sahl-naskh : A fork of Droid Arabic Naskh font fixing some of the issues in the original font.
  • Jozoor font : Jozoor arabic font (Only Regular weight is available for free).
  • Flat font : arabic font (Only Regular weight is available for free)..



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